In 2006 Mathew and Kathryn were saving money to pay for their wedding. To help raise funds Mathew went back to work as a mobile DJ for events around Sydney. There were countless birthdays, weddings, corporate Christmases… and then there were a few school discos. He realised he had a knack for entertaining children. As he was really a big kid himself it was hardly surprising, but he found that kids related to his humour easily. And it was fun! Soon after they returned from their honeymoon Funtime Kids Parties was born.

Well, sort of. Funtime Disco was born in 2007. For the first three years the business exclusively did disco’s for the children of Sydney. In 2009, the business introduced it’s first staff member to help meet the demand. Then in 2010 Kathryn was able to quit her day job to assist the expansion as the business diversified into other party formats and became Funtime Kids Parties. First came the Nerf Parties. Then Game Shows, Water Wars, Lego Build and Bash and more!

Matt and Kat have continued to ask themselves the same question over the years… do I find this fun? If it doesn’t entertain us then we don’t expect it to entertain the kids at one of our parties.

So that’s how we started… who are we now?

Funtime Kids Parties now exists in Adelaide as well as Sydney. We have ten staff members split between our two locations. Every one of our hosts is vetted carefully before being invited to join the team and then put through a rigorous training process. We are incredible proud of our team and very proud of the fact that our hosts choose to stay with us for years.

Matt and Kat run the office and still spend their weekends entertaining children. When they aren’t doing parties, Matt and Kat perform and write comedic theatre shows for children such as their award winning “Grossed Out Game Show”. They can be seen at festivals and events around Australia and are considered some of the best children’s entertainers in the country.

Oh, and they have a new apprentice. He’s early days in his training but so far he’s impressed the bosses.

So give us a call today on 1800 386 846 (1800 386 8463)

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