An indoor event for all those kids who love to watch the Bey's spin. 2.0 hours. Recommended for ages 5-12. Up to 40 kids in two 1 hour sessions.

Our Beyblade Tournament is the ULTIMATE in Beyblade fun. We have a huge selection of Beyblade Burst for your kids to choose from and an awesome series of games to test their skills. They build the best Beyblades by mixing, matching and battling. We then battle to find the ultimate champion in winner takes all tournament!

1.5 Hours

1.5 hours up to 20 kids
$ 440 incl. GST from

2 Hours

up to 40 kids
$ 495 incl. GST from

3 Hours

up to kids 60 kids
$ 550 incl. GST from

For additional hours please contact the office for a quote.

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