Teams work collaboratively in ridiculous tasks and challenges.
Runs for 75 minutes. Recommended for ages 5-14.

The kids at your event are split into 2 even teams. Those teams then go head to head in games such as "Snot Catcher", "When Ninjas Attack", "Jelly in the Belly" and "No News is Good News" to name a few. Some games allow for one member of each team to compete in front of their friends, others are for several kids and yet others have the whole group competeing in some of the silliest games you've seen. This is not 'Minute to win it'...this is BETTER

75 minutes

up to 50 kids
$ 440 incl GST

75 minutes

pax from 51-80 kids
$ 510 incl GST
Please note make sure the office is aware of your numbers before the day of the even

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