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Funtime Kids have specialised in Bubbleology for a number of years now, we learned our Bubble Galore from Adelaide’s very own Dr Bubbles who now tours the world with his shows. Our bubbles at bright, colourful and can be seen from a distance. The ideal stationary roaming character, kids will come running the second the bubbles start to fly. We have performed bubbles for local council Christmas events, Playgroup Sa, Adelaide Zoo and many more. Want to brighten up your event we’d love to bring the happiness. Funtime Kids can cater our Babble Galore to any event big or small. What we can 100% guarantee is the kids will have a ball. We hire and train entertainers so the people interacting with your guests are of the highest standard and always ready to bring the fun to your event.

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Funtime Kids parties also specialise in live theatre and children festival events.

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