Archery Wars, also known as Archery Tag or Combat Archery. Archery Wars is THE action-packed combat archery experience that combines the joy of archery and dodgeball and is for ages 10 and above. The equipment we use has been specifically designed, the Archery Wars arrows have a round foam head and flexible shaft which helps absorb the power from the bow. The bows we use are all 20 pound bows designed for kids to use. Each player receives an arm guard and face mask to protect them. Players are tested on their ability to aim, shoot, dodge, run and think on their feet. We are a mobile event that comes to you almost anywhere including ovals, parks, fields, gyms, halls, tennis courts or location of your choosing, we can help you find the ideal location for your party.

This party format is ideal for children aged 10-16 years

1.0 Hour

Archery Package
$ 395

1.5 Hour

Archery Package
$ 430

2 Hour

Archery Package
$ 460

2 Hour

Archery Package
$ 460

While remaining mindful of responsible social distancing measures, the stage 2 and 3 measure will allow us to provide fun and safe events for all our families. With a range of new safety, sanitisation and social distance policies now in place, Funtime is ready to get back to what it does best… BRINGING THE FUN

Additional Guests

Extra guests are difficult to cater for with this event. Please call the office to discuss options if you are going to go over the 16 guest maximum. For terms and conditions please call the office.


If you are outside our travel zone we are still happy to come to your area for an additional fee. Standard travel fees range from $22 to $66. Please call the office to discuss the charge for your area.

Party FAQs

Some additional information specifically for Archery Wars party can be found below.
If the information you were look for isn't here you can try looking on our general FAQ page or contact our office with your questions.

Archery Wars are best held in an outdoor location. Ideally, we look for a park near your home that has a flat area, also playing fields, beaches, woods, car park etc we can even play in the rain if needed). If you have a very large yard, the parties can be done at home. 

If you are worried about weather then it is possible to be played indoors (tennis court, halls, conference rooms, soft play venues or covered areas) The ideal space is 11m x 24m roughly the size of a tennis court. While these spaces do allow for the party to happen.

Yes we do. Corporate training days, Hen’s and bucks parties, Festivals, Sport events, family fun days and Fete events. If you have the space and the people we’ll bring the thunder.

Anyone deemed to be in an ‘unfit’ state to play due to the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused on.

A few suggestions to help your party run smoother.

  1. Limit the numbers, ask parents not to bring uninvited siblings along and not to hang around for the party if possible. Party numbers are normally small enough if kept limited to the suggested party capacities you will limit exposure.
  2. Do food packs – instead of a large bowl of chips, have mini packs. Separate named drink bottles, pre ordered food plates so the kids just take what is given instead of it being from communal platters. Cupcakes instead of whole cakes.
  3. Kids will be asked to wash up before the party starts, before the break and after the break and before the cake.
  4. Remind all parents if your child is feeling ill or showing symptoms of any of the 1000 germs kids carry to please keep them home and a play date will be orgainsed to make up for them missing the party in the future.
  5. Try and practice some sense of social distancing. An energetic outdoor party will keep the kids from being static. Indoors can still work but keep in mind your numbers that you are inviting.

For Archery Wars a rough guide, if we are doing a party for the usual number of children (between 8 and 16 guests) we will need a space no smaller than a tennis court (approx. 24m x 10m). We prefer slightly larger spaces when possible but this is a good guide when looking for possible locations.

Rain is an unfortunate risk with outdoor parties. If the rain is only light, we are happy to go ahead if you are. As we generally use parks with trees they help provide some coverage and kids usually think the rain makes it more fun! If the rain is too heavy for the party to safely go ahead, we have a few options but we do ask our customers to wait until the day of the party to make an ultimate decision as the weather forecast can be unreliable and will often predict rain for a day that ends up being mostly clear.

The most popular option in the event of bad weather is to reschedule the party to a new date. Customers have 12 months to chose a new date for their event. The decision to reschedule can be made as late as the actual party start time with no fee or additional cost for the new party date. If the customer chooses to cancel their booking rather than reschedule, we are unable to refund any monies paid and the customer may be subject to our other cancellation policies.

In some cases, customers have access to large covered spaces such as halls, private carparks, school playgrounds etc. If you have access to an appropriate space we are happy to change the location and have our host meet you there. On a couple of occasions in the past, customers used extra large lounge-rooms or garages and we have been able to send our host to their home to do an indoor/outdoor version of the party.

In some cases we may be able to offer an alternate party format. This is something we cannot guarantee as it is entirely dependent on availability of staff and equipment on the given weekend. However, if rescheduling is not an option we will do our best to provide an indoor alternative if wet weather stops an outdoor party from being possible.

The Nerf parties are very active and the kids will definitely need access to drinks to rehydrate. Its also good to have snack foods for the kids in the break. Otherwise we provide all equipment needed.

Set up at the location of your choosing. Field prep and full set up. Bow’s Arrows, Face Masks, arm guards, team vest, inflatables and targets.

This is a contact sport so some pain can be expected, we have gone to a lot of effort to minimalise the impact factor. It hurts far less than paintball and more than Nerf. When played correctly it’s like being hit by a tennis ball from a 10 feet away. 

Closed toe shoes are needed to protect your feet otherwise the dress code should be appropriate to the weather. If you have concerns about the impact factor from the arrows then jeans and a long sleeve shirt can never go astray.   

Short Answer – No.


Our bows are designed for both Left and right handed players. They are 15# bows making them easy to draw back and fun to use. Every party also has a practice session so you can get use to the bow.

Absolutely. All our gear has been tested for safe operation. We’ve even spent hours shooting our neighbours kids over the fence to test their reactions.  

We are a small family run business. All our events and parties are designed not to burn a hole in your pocket. We cover costs, wages and make a small profit, for us it’s all about the fun.   

We do not allow anyone to bring their own gear for this event. Safety is first on our mind and we won;t use gear we don’t own.

We also request that you don’t hand out any noise making party favours or party poppers until after the party has finished. While our hosts are very capable, competing with a large group of kids all blowing whistles and popping streamers to be heard is a big ask for anyone.

It is a good idea to inform your host if any of the guests have special needs. These can include ADHD, autism, aspergers, downs syndrome and other behavioural conditions. While our events are designed to be inclusive for all, there are times when awareness of children with these conditions can allow the host to temper their performance sightly, particularly when interacting with those children, to ensure they feel safe and included.

Prices in the packages below are for up to 16 guests. We do recommend no less than 6 guests to create a great party atmosphere. Adults are welcome to play. If you would like extra’s please discuss with the office first before going ahead and inviting too many people.

Archery Wars are ideal for children aged 10 to 16 years. 

We find ages 9+ will find it easier to be involved with the coordinated games we play and the physical requirements for using a bow: however, younger siblings can get involved with constant parent assistance. Our bows are designed for this age range, however we recommend notifying our office of the expected age range.  

For participants who are under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver of permission. Waiver is emailed to you when you book.

Policy Statement

This Policy is valid from 7 April 2020 to such time as the Government declares an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

All Funtime Kids parties Policies and Procedures remain in place with the exception of the following temporary updates –


  • During this time of the Pandemic, our regular staff: child ratios will be maintained; however, attendances will be determined by the space available at each party and or venue (refer to Pandemic – Covid-19 Risk Assessment).
  • If a child presents to a party or event with a cough, sneezing, runny nose or temperature they will be refused participation and will not be able to return to until they are able to provide a Letter of Clearance from a medical practitioner. Children should not have had Paracetamol/Ibuprofen in the twelve hours before their attendance (as they mask symptoms that may be present).  If they have had either of these two medications in that period they must be kept at home.
  • If an Entertainer presents with a cough, sneezing, runny nose or temperature they will be unable to work their allocated shift and will be required to provide a Letter of Clearance from a medical practitioner before they are able to resume normal duties.
  • In line with Government directive, all Entertainer, children and parents who have recently travelled overseas must stay isolated at home for 14 days after they return. If they develop flu-like symptoms, they should call their doctor to arrange testing or go directly to a COVID-19 clinic or emergency department.
  • Parents/Guardians who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been in contact with someone that has symptoms of the Coronavirus will not be allowed to drop off or pick up their child/ren from the events. They will need to organise another authorised person to drop off or collect their children.
  • Families have an obligation to Funtime Kids parties, their guests and other users to ensure they are self-isolating and social distancing as per Government Guidelines to reduce the likelihood of infection and spread of COVID-19 to any of our Staff and clients. If you or someone in your family have been in contact with someone who has a known case of COVID-19 it is important that you follow NSW Health guidelines do not bring your children to any events
  • Funtime Kids will always provide hand sanitizer to events where it’s not already provided.
  • All equipment before every event will be cleaned and sanitized either by sanitizing wipes or sanitizing spray.

Endorsed by Funtime Kids Parties Management

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